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Arlington Document Destruction

Arlington Document Destruction is dedicated to providing you with nearby economical shredding service options for your sensitive business documents. We understand the security required to handle your private documents. Your business must also comply with Texas and federal privacy laws, and our partners accommodate.

About Arlington Document Destruction

Arlington Document Destruction can connect you with all types of shredding services across Arlington, Fort Worth and Dallas.

Arlington Document Destruction partners with shredding companies that provide several shredding services designed to meet your needs at affordable prices. We understand the security risks involved with private information and maintain your security as a top priority.

Who is Responsible for Proper PII Disposal in Arlington?:
Personally Identifiable Information (PII), is information that can be used to trace an individual’s identity. If you own a business, you handle and store this information on all of your employees. Because you are handling someone else’s information, the line distinguishing who is responsible if there is a security breach is blurry.  Learn more…

Our contractors offer on site and off site shredding with flexible schedules, so no matter your volume or load, your job gets done fast. Many of our clients start as annual purges and grow into monthly shredding clients, because we find several priced options for you to ensure you get the most competitively priced project in North East Texas.

If you or your business needs on site shredding, off site shredding or hard drive shredding in Arlington or nearby, Arlington Document Destruction can help!
Fill out the form at the top or give us a call at (817) 422-0719 for free quotes to get all of your private information destroyed for good.

Arlington Shredding Services


Shredding trucks come to your business and destroy your confidential materials at your location while you watch.

Off Site

A secure truck will pick up your paperwork at your location and shred it at a secure Arlington plant.

Hard Drive

Hard drives will be melted down to ensure your electronic information is gone for good.

Service Options Provided in Arlington

  • Ongoing Service – This is a weekly, monthly or quarterly scheduled shredding service. Secure, locked shred consoles are placed in your office at no cost, and are regularly picked up to shred the contents.
  • Purge Service – For businesses that require annual, one-time, or occasional shredding. Prices for this type of service are based on volume to shred.